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Mueller’s Flowers and Gifts greenhouse plants adds artistic beauty to your immediate surroundings

Mueller’s Flowers and Gifts greenhouse utilizes a plant growth system that uses an internally-controlled environment. Plants grow better inside our greenhouse since temperature can be controlled using efficient ventilation that makes plants grow stronger and faster.

The level of sunlight exposure, the amount of water irrigated to plants, the atmospheric humidity and the application of fertilizer all affect the growth of plants. With Mueller’s horticulture expertise, plants grow faster and better because we can control the level of carbon dioxide needed by the plants, we can reduce the exposure of plants to diseases and provide a constant supply of moisture from the earth to the surrounding atmosphere inside the greenhouse.

Because of this particular care, our plants are an excellent choice as gifts because plants that grow in ordinary, open non-greenhouse areas don’t have the longevity like the ones nurtured at Mueller’s Flowers and Gifts.

The plant arrangements we design from our greenhouse are perfect for gifts because they can outlast the life of flowers, and combined with a colorful arrangement make them the gift that keeps up in homes and offices.

Our designers have over 100 years of experience…

in arranging plants to be more attractive through a creative display of its form, its characteristics like color, and qualities like its “liveliness.” Our customers looking for “eternal qualities” in their gift giving are always pleased with our plant arrangements.

We have a wide variety and selection of unique and beautiful plants from our greenhouse that, if brought into your home or office, can create a positive ambiance and a wholesome environment. Our plants placed in a soil-based planter; your home then becomes a secondary greenhouse for these plants.

Some customers have asked, “What is the purpose or value a plant arrangement offers as a gift?” Although a growing number of clients are looking at greenhouse-based florists for alternative gifts, these items have specific functions and value. An indoor plant is a perfect item to be given to a new homeowner as a housewarming gift or even an expression of congratulations on an opening a new office or business. Also, an attractive plant gift given to someone, especially an executive, can be used to enhance a lasting relationship.

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By there being a living piece of art, Mueller’s Flowers and Gifts greenhouse-based plants generate more oxygen inside a room which enriches the environment and adds artistic beauty to the immediate surroundings. Plants have healing properties too, and this is one reason for their attractiveness, aside from the unique foliage design and colorful sprouting flowers.

People are impressed with the lovely arrangements of plants inside a room.

Our greenhouse grown plants venue offers a wide variety of lush, attractive green foliage and flowering plants for your selection. The combined design and plant arrangements that we make reflect our honest and creative expression that can make a great impression on anyone, whether given as a gift on a birthday, an anniversary, a condolence gift, or simply an office gift.

Visit our all-season greenhouse and view the assortment of regularly stocked, new, healthy and beautiful plants and arrangements.

How To Reach Us

Whether you are looking for flowers for weddings, birthdays, funerals or any other special occasions, Mueller’s Flowers and Gifts is the best choice of florist. We are located in Manasquan, NJ, and it will be our pleasure to serve you. You have the option of ordering online, in person or give us a call at 732-223-1882 to place your order. Together with our experienced and passionate designers we will be able to create a floral arrangement that will please the eyes and also help express your sentiments better than words would do.